Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pic of the Day

     Hello everyone.  It has been some time since I have made a post.  I am in Florida shooting, or should I say trying to shoot.  I have come south to photograph wadding birds in breeding plumage, but waders have been few and far between.  I have not seen any significant number of birds.  Even the colonies that I frequent this time of year have only a third of the birds I normally see.  I talked with a biologist, and was told that after doing aerial surveys if southwest Florida, no large colonies of heron or wood stork have been found this year.  No one seems to know what’s going on this breeding season. 
   Though the birds have been far and few between I have been able to get some shots.  This Reddish Egret was photographed at Fort Desoto Park in St. Petersburg, Florida.  There were only a handful of (visible) birds in the area when I made this shot.  Fortunately the egret was actively feeding which allowed me to get this in-flight shot.

Nikon D300, Nikkor 500mm f4, Digital Capture ISO 200,  1/640 sec. @ f9

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