Monday, February 7, 2011

Pic of the Day

   Glassware – Studio Photography: I have been a wildlife and nature photographer for more than thirty-six years, and those who know me know that I am most passionate about birds.   However, my specialty in my undergraduate degree was studio photography, specifically portraits.  Before I started teaching full time, 19 years ago, I operated a studio and made part of my living shooting portraits and products.
   I spend so much time shooting birds these days that I do not get into the studio very often.  So, when I teach a studio class it gives me the opportunity to do demonstrations that allow me explore subjects and create images.  This semester I am teaching a studio photography class.  The first few assignment introduce my students to lighting and its effects through photographing simple subjects.  As the semester progress lighting and subject matter become more complex. 
   I shot this image as a demonstration on how to illuminate a simple object with a single light source.  The image is a close-up of a glass vase.  A single light shinning through seamless white paper illuminates the vase, creating a black line that divides the image with a graceful curve.  The simple object becomes a study in texture, form, shape, and tone; the essence of studio lighting.
   My students have already started shooting the assignments and are producing some very creative works. I will share some of their work on this blog in future post.

Nikon D3, Nikkor 80-200 f4, Digital Capture ISO 200,  1/200 sec. @ f22

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