Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pic of the Day

     Sunrise, Goldsmith-Schiffman Nature Sanctuary: So much of my photography takes place hundreds of miles from home, simply because my day-to-day duties at the university keeps me quite busy. But, this sunrise at Goldsmith-Schiffman Nature Sanctuary in Huntsville, Alabama was taken about seven miles from where I live. As I was driving into work one morning before sunrise, I noticed a fog hovering over the low-lying fields and wetlands. Taking advantage of the fog, I drove to the sanctuary and set-up my tripod and pointed my camera in the direction where the sun would rise over the eastern mountains. As the first light of the sun broke over the mountains, the wetlands turned gold as the sunlight illuminated the fog. After shooting a series of photos of the rising sun, I was back on the road heading to school. The important lessons learned – always have your camera with you, and know enough about the home-front to know where to go when opportunities arise. Oh yes, one more – you don’t have to travel hundreds of miles from home to take good photos.
This image is a digital capture on a Nikon D3 camera using a 24-50mm Nikkor zoom lens set to a 45mm focal length.

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