Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pic of the Day

     Bald Eagle - Homer, Alaska: Perhaps the best place I have ever been to photograph bald eagles was Homer, Alaska. I traveled to Homer a number of years ago to meet the late Jean Keene and photograph eagles from her Homer Spit, compound. I arrived late in the day in March. Snow was still on the ground as I drove out the spit to find Jean's campground complex, but tempratures were very mild. When I arrived on the spit I saw half a dozen eagles. It was incredible to see so many eagles in one place, but I had no idea what was in store for me.
Early the next morning I arrived at Jean's, and after a brief introduction she showed me where I could set-up my camera. More importantly, I could not believe the number of eagles before me. As I scanned the area around Jean's trailer at least 300 eagles were soaring in the air above, perched on the ground, and on driftwood in front of me. Jean fed eagles daily during the winter and birds came from miles around to feed on the fish parts that she had strewn around her compound. For the first half hour it was difficult shooting, that is, it was hard deciding which eagle to photograph with so many before me. It was also difficult to isolate a single bird to photograph without getting portions of other birds in the frame. However, after ten days of shooting and 4,800 photographs later, I had all the images I could have wished for. As long as I live, photographing eagles in Homer, Alaska will always be one of my favorite photography adventures, and memories. Bobby

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