Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pic of the Day

Mountain Bluebird: Sialia currucoides
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado:  
     I was at the Moraine Campground looking for Mountain Bluebirds to photograph, but was having no luck at all.  A Black-billed Magpie flew in looking for a handout so I decided to photograph it, as I had no good photos of magpies in my files.  After shooting for a quarter hour I resumed my search for Mountain Bluebirds. 
     After what seemed to be forever of scanning the hillsides for bluebirds I finally found a female fly-catching from a low hanging branch of a pine tree.  Once I saw the female I gathered my equipment and began the stalk.  I moved slowly and was able to approach within 20 feet before shooting.  Then, I spotted this male hawking insects from a nearby pine branch.  Both birds were very approachable and I followed them for over an hour, and eventually the led me to their nest.  This is just one of the many bluebird images I shot that day, and I will post a few more in the near future.

Nikon D300, Nikkor 500mm f4

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