Saturday, September 27, 2014

Recently Published Work

     It has been a while since I have posted my published work, so I am posting my columns and photos that appeared in Spring and Summer issues of Living Bird Magazine and Creation Illustrated, as well as a piece that appeared in Wildlife in North Carolina magazine.

     This is my Birding Escape column in the spring issue of Living Bird Magazine, the flagship journal of Cornell University's Labratory of Ornithology.  This issue's column is about Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge in North Dakota.  The Dakotas are incredible states to bird and Des Lacs is real birding gem.

     My Sumer Birding Escape column is about Homer, Alaska.  Homer is a fantastic birding destination that I highly recommend to anyone traveling to our 49th State.  

     In the same summer issue (page 12), I have an image of a  Black-throated Blue Warbler which accompanies the Living Bird, Science Scope column.

     In the spring issue of Creation Illustrated my "Lens on Creation" column features the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, in Gilbert Arizona.  The Water Ranch is one of my favorite stops when I head west.  I have always found birds, and excellent shooting opportunities when I visit.

     On page 7 of the same issue I have a photo of a Western Meadowlark.  The photo accompanies an article by Gayle Irwin, entilted "Prairies full of Praise"

    "The Land of Flat Water," is the title of my "Lens on Creation" column in the summer issue of Creation Illustrated.  The article is about Sandhill Cranes staging on the Platte River near Kearney, Nebraska during the spring migration.  I also take the reader to Harlan County Lake where thousands of White Pelicans stage before heading to their nesting grounds.

    In early March of this year I got an email from Wildlife in North Carolina magazine.  One of the editors saw a photo of a displaying Great Egret on the blog and wanted to use it in an upcoming article.  The image appeared in the May-June  issue this year.  The photo accomapanied an article written by Jim Daniel entilted, "The Plume Hunters."  

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