Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kirkland's Warbler Group (KWA)

Kirtland's Warbler Group (L to R)
Bobby, Beverly, Cindy, Nick
     Kirtland’s Warbler Group, or KWG as we prefer -- at Magee Marsh:  Okay, that’s what we called ourselves after spotting the Kirtland’s Warbler (see the May 9th post).  The four of us who first spotted the Kirtland’s got together on the boardwalk  Friday morning May 11 and took the above photo.  Our photographer was none other than Richard Crossley, of Crossley ID Guide fame.
Below is the first image I shot of the Kirtland’s.  Though the image is cropped,  the extension tubes did give me a close-up.  If you want to see a full frame of the bird click here for the May 9th post.   Thankfully I was able to get the extension tubes off in time to get the shot.

Kirtland's Warbler (head shot)

Richard Crossley (L) with KWG

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