Friday, April 22, 2011

Video of the Day

  Limpkin -- Viera Wetlands; Viera, Florida:  While in Florida this past January I experiment with the Nikon D7000's video capabilities.  It is fabulous.  I did discover that manual focus should be used.  The autofocus motor sounds are very distracting.  To manual focus, a Hoodman loop or similar type loop is essential.  I also shot video at the St. Augustine Alligator farm of the Tri-colored Heron nest seen in the last post.  I used the hoodman cine loop kit and it worked great.   I hope to do, and post more HD video with this fantastic camera!
   This is a large resolution video (960x540) from a HD file.  I am still trying to load HD video for the web but am having problems.  I am sure the problem is with me, or perhaps it just takes a looooong time to load HD video.

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