Friday, January 21, 2011

Whitney's Photo Blog

Branden and Whitney in Canebrake taking photos.

   Over the last year my daughter (Whitney) has taken an interest in photography.   On a recent trip to Cincinnati she took photos at an arboretum.  Most recently, on one of her visits home she wanted to go somewhere interesting to take photos.  I took her and Brandon (her husband) to the canebrake on Keel Hollow Road to shoot.  She and Brandon really enjoyed walking around in the canebrake, and shooting.  She also took some very nice photos.
   She now has a blog to show her work.  I am impressed.  She has a good eye and is mastering the technical side of the art as well.  She made some great images both in Cincinnati and at the canebrake.  You can see her blog at,   I also have a link to her blog in “Bobby's Favorite Blogs” on this page.
   As you may have already guessed, I am a proud father.  She certainly has the talents to become an excellent photographer.

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