Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pic of the Day

     Golden Eagle – Guntersville State Park; Guntersville, Alabama: Golden Eagles are not normally seen in the wilds of North Alabama.  In fact this Golden Eagle is not a wild bird at all, but part of Auburn Universities, Southeastern Raptor Center's captive birds.  The photo was taken when students from Auburn University presented their raptor education program at Guntersville State park.  After the program the student allow attendees the opportunity to photograph the raptors at close range. 
     While I ordinarily do not take photos of captive birds I could not resist photographing the Auburn birds of prey.  The raptor center keeps the birds in immaculate condition making them ideal subject for close-ups that are very difficult to obtain in the wild.
     This is one of my favorite images from the shoot.  Though a captive bird, the eagle portrays a regal bearing of majesty and power.

Nikon F4, Nikkor 300 f2.8, Kodachrome 64

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