Sunday, May 20, 2018

Pic of the Day

 Blackpoll Warbler, Setophaga striata (Male):  Magee Marsh, Ohio 

 Blackpoll Warbler, Setophaga striata (Female):  Magee Marsh, Ohio 

         Warblers are one of my favorite species of birds to photograph, and I have just spent two weeks in one of my favorite places photographing these spring beauties.     During the month of May and untold number of warblers and other neotropical migrants pass through Magee Marsh on the south side of Lake Erie in the state of Ohio.
         Blackpoll warblers were a plentiful species this year. Along with Cape May and Tennessee Warblers all seem to have had an exceptional 2017 breeding season due to the spruce budworm outbreak last year.  In more than a decade of traveling to Magee Marsh, I have never seen so many Blackpolls at Magee.
         The Blackpoll Warbler is a champion long distance migrant.  Wintering in northern South America it travels north through the eastern United States to it reach its nesting grounds in the northern boreal forest that stretches from Newfoundland to western Alaska. 
         On its return trip in the fall most Blackpolls migrate east across the northern latitudes to the east coast and then turn south crossing the western Atlantic to South America in a non stop 3 to 4 day trip.  Blackpolls make the longest migration of all the warblers, some traveling as much as 16,000 miles round trip.   Nature is truly amazing!

Top photo:  Nikon D800, Nikkor 500mm f 4,  exposure 1/125 second @ f 8.

Bottom Photo: Nikon D800, Nikkor 500mm f 4,  exposure 1/200 second @ f 8.

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