Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pic of the Day

Willet, Tringa semipalmata: Indian Shores, Florida
     While visiting Indian Shores, Florida I found a dozen Willets busily feeding along the tide line.  They were just beautiful in the warm light of the rising sun and I could not seem to take my eyes off of them.  The Indian Shores beachfront is festooned with hotels, but the light found its way between the towering buildings at certain spots, and when the light struck the birds they became even more alive and active in their foraging.

     Though I have a thousands photos of Willets running across, standing on, flying over, and probing sandy beaches, I could not resist taking more.  Besides, the light was just beautiful, and that’s what photography is really about, light.  The low angle light was warm and direct.  As the Willet moved across the sand the light would catch the bird at just the right angle to bring out incredible detail.  And the Willet itself seemed to love the camera as it provided perfect poses, one after another.

Nikon D800, Nikkor 500mm f/4, 1/1,000 second @ f/8

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