Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pic of the Day

PFC Edward L. Harrison
(February 12, 1920 - August 13, 2007)

     I’m posting this photo in honor of my dad, Edward L. Harrison  (1920-2007) for Veteran’s Day.  He landed on Omaha Beach in June, 1944 and fought his way across Europe, within 32 miles of Berlin as a U.S. Army Infantryman.   He finally came home in September 1945.   I could have chosen a photo of him in his dress uniform, but this image has always lingered in my mind when I think of a veteran. 
     As kids my sister and I loved looking at his old army photos with him.  When he got to this one he would always say, “This was taken after my first 21 days of combat.”  This image always seized me.   Though I was a kid, I could not get over the look in his eyes.   Even as I a child I could see the haunting toll of war in his eyes.  

The image was shot in France.  He was 24 years old, but he looks so much older to me, in this photo.  

My thanks to my dad, and all veterans who have served.

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