Saturday, May 16, 2015

Who's Lookin

     It has been many months since I have posted the flags of new countries from which viewers have logged onto the blog.  I would like to welcome each of the visitors from the following countries for visiting my blog.  If you like the blog, become a follower and invite your friends to check it out. 

Flags of each country and the order as they 
logged onto Bobby's Photo Blog:

                 Malawi 142nd                                          Vanuatu 143rd

              Saint Lucia 144th                                       Ivory-Coast 145th

           Congo (DRC)  146th                                          Oman 147th
                Curacao 148th                                                 Benin  149th

                  Guernsey 150th                                          Montserrat 151st

            San Salvador 152nd

Thanks for visiting the blog.  Come back soon.

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