Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pic of the Day

Plain Chachalaca, Ortalis vetula:  Bentsen State Park, Texas
     On November 15, I was at Bentsen State Park in the Rio Grande Valley photographing Green Jays, Great Kiskadees and Plain Chachalacas.  The Chachalaca is a noisy, social bird that travels through the woods in fairly large groups.  It is a game bird, but it's smaller size makes it less desirable to hunters than the larger turkey.  Maybe one of the reason I liked the Chachalaca so much is that it remined me of the turkey, and it was less than two week before thanksgiving.  Or, maybe its because I just love saying, Cha-Cha-La-caaaaaa!

Click this link to here calls of the Chachalaca:

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