Friday, December 5, 2014

Orion is off the pad!

Liftoff of Orion Space Capsule Atop Delta 4 Launch Vehicle
Photos taken from TV screen
     As you all probably know already, the Orion space capsule made it off the pad atop a Delta 4 launch vehicle this morning.  I was up early to see the liftoff and it was spectacular! This is a GREAT day for NASA, Alabamians, and all American’s.  Though the mission isn’t over as of this post, the last I heard, all is going well.  Marshall Space Fight Center here in Huntsville is a major technological contributor to this mission and the Orion Project.  Also, the Delta 4 rocket was developed and built in Decatur, Alabama; my hometown.  I look forward with great expectation to the day when Orion carries astronauts to Mars.  Congratulation to all involved with the successful liftoff! 

Click on this link to see live coverate at this posting:

Nikon D800, Nikor 35mm f2.8, 1/60 second @ f4, Handheld

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