Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pic of the Day

 Columbian Mammoth, Mammuthus columbi
     A couple of weeks ago I visited McAllen, Texas on a press tour, where I went to the Museum of South Texas History in Edinburg.  I love museums, and this museum had it all, from prehistoric Mammoths, to a replica of the atomic bomb, Little Boy.  The museum’s premier exhibition, Rio Grande legacy tells the story of the Rio Grande Valley with artifacts from prehistoric times, Spanish colonial rule, the days of the cattle kingdom through the agriculture revolution to the post-war years.
Bull Skull on the side of a General Store replica 

    My favorite parts of the museum were the Paleolithic era, and the World War II exhibit.  I have never before been in a museum that held a mammoth skeleton in one wing and a replica of an atomic bomb in another. 
Chuck wagon like the Vaquero used on 
cattle drives during the 19th century.

    But, the history of the borderland and its people are that diverse, and the Museum of South Texas History pulls the millennia between the two together.
For more information, visit:
A replica of Little Boy, one of the atomic bomb developed during WWII.  

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