Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pic of the Day

Toklat River, Alaska
     I shot this image 34 years ago when I made my first tirp to Alaska.  I must say that, that first trip was my favorite.  My wife and I drove from Berrien Springs, Michigan; it was a round trip of over 13,000 miles.  We were young and everything was new and exciting.  If my memory serves me right, I shot this image of the Toklat River from (near) Polychrome Pass in Denali National Park.  The mountains in the background are part of the Alaska Range.
     I printed this image today as a demo for my Fundamentals of Photography class.  Because of the extended tonal range between the sky and the landscape, this image required lots of dodging and burning to properly print.  This is the first time I have printed from this negative, and I am quite pleased with the results.  In this age of digital imaging, I still love working in the darkroom and watching the silver image form on the photographic paper.  It truly is "writing with light."

Mamyia 645 1000s, 110mm lens, Exposure Unknown, Verichrome Pan Film

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