Saturday, October 4, 2014

Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

    On October 8th, North America will be treated with the second lunar eclipse of the year.  This is the second eclipse of a tetrad (four total lunar eclipses in a series). The last two eclipses will be April 14th, and September 28th, (2 days before my birthday) 2015.  The first of the tetrad took place on April 15th, 2014.  It was cloudy here in North Alabama and I did not get to see that eclipse.  If the weather permits, I will see this one.  This animation shows how the Earth's shadow crosses the lunar disk during the October 8th eclipse. The animation is from wikipedia.  For more details go to:

     I hope to get lots of good photos of the eclipse.  I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for clear skys.

Eclipes phases for CDT
                                                     Penumbral begins            3:16am
                                                     Partial begins                  4:15am
                                                     Total begins                    5:25am
                                                     Greatest eclipse              5:55am
                                                     Toal ends                        6:24am
                                                     Partial ends                     7:34am
                                                     Penumbral ends               8:34am

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