Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pic of the Day

    This has been a great weekend for birding here in Horse Cove.  Since the first of September, I have been covered up with Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.  There are at least a couple of dozen constantly zipping to and from my feeders.  It is absolutely amazing to sit and watch these winged jewels.
    Today I sat near my birdbath and watched neotropical migrants bathe.   The birds came in waves of a mixed flock of warblers, vireos, grosbeaks, and tanagers.   There were warblers: Worm Eating, Chestnut-sided, Black and White, blue-Winged, Golden-Winged, Hooded, Tennessee, Magnolia, Bay-breasted and American Redstart.  I had dozens of Rose-breasted stop at the birdbath as well as Philadelphia Vireo, Gray-cheeked Thrush, Summer and Scarlet Tanager.  The resident birds and hummers were also taking their turns to drink and bathe as well.  Birds should continue to visit my birdbath for the next few weeks as the migrants continue south.  I’m looking forward to  each of those days.
     Below are a few images I shot this afternoon around the birdbath.  Light was low, but I was able to get these images.

Black-and-White Warbler 

Tennessee Warbler

Two Tennessee Warblers and a Black-throated Green Warbler

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