Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pic of the Day

     While I was at Catalina State Park just North East of Tucson I spent one evening taking a few star photos.  The light from Tucson prevented dark skies, but added and interesting effect to some of the images.  Hope you enjoy the images.

The Constellation Scorpius with lights of Tucson behind the Santa Catalina Mountains.
The Milky Way from the constellation Cygnus on the left to part of Ophiuchus on the right.  The  constellation Delphinus is near the bottom of the frame, left of center.
The Constellation Ursa Major (Big Dipper, at center of frame) and Ursa Minor (Little Dipper, right side of frame) with Polaris (North Star, at lower right side of frame)

All image:  Nikon D800, Nikkor 20mm f2.8, Exposure 8 sec. @ f2.8

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