Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pic of the Day

Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Melanerpes aurifrons; (female): 
Texas Canyon State Park, Texas
     One of the reasons I had traveled to Texas Canyon was to photograph the Golden-fronted Woodpecker.  I was in Texas Canyon almost a year earlier, but did not see the bird.  Texas Canyon is at the northern end of the golden-fronted range, and is fairly common south through the Texas hill country, and deep in to Mexico.
     When I arrived at Texas Canyon in early June of this year, my luck was not much better.  The day was hot and dry and most of the birds at the blind were seeking water.  While shooting the house finches in the previous post, both a male and female golden-fronted came to the bird bath for a drink, but quickly departed.  I shot a couple of images, but the birds were partially hidden by rocks. 
     On my homeward trip I tried again, and had a bit better luck.  Soon after I arrived a female flew to a perfectly placed branch in front of the blind that allowed me an opportunity to snap a few shots before it flew to the birdbath for a drink.  The male also arrived, but again it flew directly to the birdbath and was partially hidden.
     Perhaps next year I will try again and hopefully photograph the male.

Nikon D800, Nikkor 500 f4, Exposure 1/250 @ f8

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