Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pic of the Day: Transit of Venus

Venus Transit at 2nd contact 1/1,000 sec f8 with Orion full aperture solar filter

Venus Transit with a patch of clouds that passed in front of the sun.
1000 sec. @ f8 with Orion full aperture solar filter
Venus Transit over 1/2 complete at sunset.  1/80 sec.@ f8 with
Orion full aperture solar filter.
     Venus Transit from 45th Parallel:  I took time out today from shooting birds to photograph the transit of Venus.  The day started out with clear sky and then turned cloudy and looked liked no hope of seeing the transit.  About 4:00pm the sky began to clear and by the beginning of the transit I was able to shoot.  These are three shots I have quickly picked to post.  I’ll spend some time and pick out some more later.  Hope you got to see the transit.  It was AWSOME!  Seeing Venus against the sun, and knowing that Venus and the Earth are a about the same size really puts things in perspective.  We are really small in the universe.  Hope you like the images.  I’ll post more on this when I have more time. 
     As I mentioned in my last post, I am traveling and shooting for the summer.  Still shooting Kirtland’s Warblers in Graying, Michigan and will post some of those shots soon.

For all images:  Nikon D7000, Nikkor 500mm lens with 2x extender.  With crop factor of D7000 the lens is an effective 1500mm focal length.  I used a 6.5 inch full aperture Orion Solar filter for each image.

PS:  I'm sure there are mistakes in this post.  Will correct them later.  I'm exhausted!!!!!

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