Friday, November 18, 2011

Pic of the Day

     Chestnut-sided Warbler – Magee Marsh, Ohio:  The second weekend in May is typically a great time to catch warblers and other passerines passing through Magee Marsh on their northward migration.  This chestnut-sided warbler was on its way north when it stopped at the marsh to refuel before flying over Lake Erie.  Warblers at Magee Marsh are usually seen low in the branches and easy to watch and photography.  However, that is not the norm, warblers are most often high in the tree tops and seen from underneath (as seen in this photo), forcing the birder to lean the head back as he or she strains to look upward.  This strain cause great discomfort on the neck after a morning of warbler watching, and is know as “warbler neck.”  If you’re a birder, you know exactly what I’m talking about! 

Now that the fall migrants have passed through, I can hardly wait for spring!

Nikon D7000, Nikkor 500mm f4, 1/80 second @ f7.1

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