Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pic of the Day

     Oklahoma Brown Tarantula -- Tallgrass Prairie Preserve; Pawhuska, Oklahoma:  Before arriving at the Tallgrass Prairie near Pawhuska, Oklahoma I stopped in Wichita Fall, Texas to see my aunt and second cousins, so I did not arrive at the prairie until almost sunset this evening.  Once I arrived in Pawhuska, I went directly to the prairie to check out the flowers.  I am a little early, though flowers are in bloom.  The next two weeks should be great flower photography here on the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. 
     While driving out of the preserve I saw a large insect, bug, something crawling across the road.  It looked like a spider, but it was huge.  By the time I stopped I was a hundred feet past it, but backed-up to check out the "something."  To my surprise it was a tarantulas.  I had never seen a tarantula in the wild before.  It was moving fast and I had interrupted its evening outing.  To keep the interruption to a minimum I grabbed the iphone and took this snap shot.  I placed a quarter beside the tarantulas for size comparison.  This was sooooo cool! 

Taken with an iphone


  1. Glad to have meet you at the tallgrass gift shop great pics.

  2. Thanks Dewayne, pleased to have met you as well. Please visit the blog again. Bobby