Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pic of the Day

   Baskins Creek – Roaring Forks Auto Trail, Great Smoky Mountains National Park:  This image was taken on the Roaring Forks Auto Trail near the historic Jim Bales cabin.   After walking around the creek I found an angle that maximized the volume of rushing water flowing over the rocks.  I shot the falls from a low angle, only a few inches above the foreground rocks and water.  Using an exposure of two and a half seconds smoothed the water into a wash of movement animating a still image into motion.  A 24mm lens set to an aperture of f22 was used to provide an extended depth-of-field which provided maximum sharpness from foreground to background.     
Nikon D3, Nikkor 24-85mm @ 24mm focal length, f/22 @ 2.5 seconds, Digital Capture ISO 200

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